Ape Hater Club is the same club of scoundrels from God Hates NFTees, but after undergoing a mutation through Sr Banano.

If the noise we were making with the genesis collection wasn't enough, now they're going to have to put up with 12,222 protesting monkeys run by the sickest, most pro-active community in space hahahahaha.


We have our first collection (OG), GodHatesNFTees with a supply of 5.022 NFTs.
After that collection we released SrBanano with a supply of 10.044. The idea of Sr Bananos is the mutation to Ape of OGs, keeping their OG NFT, and burning Bananos. Each holder of OG collection could mint 2 Bananos per NFT.

Now we're here with Ape Hater Club (3rd collection), with a TOTAL supply of 12.222 NFTs, which 2.178 NFTs will be minted in Public Minting with a max timeframe of 24 hours, and 0.25 ETH per APE.
The remaining NFTs (10.044), can be minted by Bananos + OG holders, with a FREE Mutation.



Open to everyone (no requires banano or OG). Each mint costs 0.25 ETH (more than 1 Sr Banano floor). Max 3 mints per wallet.
Supply: 2.178

Β· Phase 2: MUTATE YOUR OG + BANANO (After sold out Public minting or 20th July 4 PM EST) - 4 DAYS TIMEFRAME

It will be opened after public minting sold out, or 20th July 4PM EST if didnt sell out. You need to own 1 GodHatesNFTees at least, and X Bananos, to get X Apes, burning X Bananos and keeping your GodHatesNFTees.
Example: You have 10 Bananos, and 1 GodHates -> You can get 10 Apes, burning your 10 Bananos.
You can do it in the same transaction. FREE Mutation, only pay gas fee.
Supply: 10.044


If there's still supply remaining, after both previous phases, there will be a team mint to complete the supply (2,178 + 10,044 = 12.222) and verify the collection.

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Many cries are what I have heard throughout the 2 weeks of life of the genesis project. Please, I'm 67 and I don't want to hear any more anger, mutate your Ape Hater now and don't fall asleep in the process, I don't want to hear any more crying! β€œpEtERs, I DidN’t wErE AblE TO mInT, GIVE ME ANOthEr OPPoRtuNiTy pLz” They are the type of complaints most heard by paperhands who lie, sell cheap, repent and cry πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. There is nothing established, but what I can assure you is that you will not see a more psychopathic community than this one. Lots of shit and good luck mf! πŸ€˜πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ₯–

GodHatesNFTees (OG)

Sr Banano + OG



You will have to connect your Metamask Wallet to get your Ape.

Frequently Asked Questions

An NFT is a new type of image format scam. JPGEs that promise promising memberships, and the only thing you get is to be in a Discord in which a message is sent every 5 days.

A 67-year-old man with erectile dysfunction who consults everything with his cat. Obsessive with 4chan and meme culture. Future opera vocalist.

If you don't want to be silly trying, don't try to understand why. Don't try to find the logic because it does not have it. A community unit united and with the goal of raising the meme flag in the NFT space, has broken records that your favorite projects take 2 years to achieve the goal

Community and transparency. There is nothing established, it is nothing serious, we get up every day, have a coffee, go to Twitter space / Discord and talk about what's next.

The truth is that I was not attracted to the idea of making a Discord (repetitive patterns between projects). But after being banned 3 times on social networks, I realized that a community of psychos must wait for them somewhere, thus creating a Discord only for holders, which has the same daily activity as the annual activity of any other project.

Att: Note the irony, I do not want to be sued by these 3 enlightened LMAO

After raffling $180,000 in prizes in 8 days of the project among holders of our community, the next thing is nothing more than continuing to be a community project while being different, bringing new things weekly and above all having fun in our own way. Follow us on Twitter for more information. P.S: Twitter motherfuckers, give me back the original @GodHatesNFTees account, you deserve to be dumped by Elon hahahahaha

APE HATER CLUB SMART CONTRACT: 0x9370045ce37f381500ac7d6802513bb89871e076